Standard Custom Fit Face Mask

Regular price $50.00

A 3D scan of your face is utilized by our team to create a unique face mask custom fit to your face, maximizing comfort and ensuring a better quality seal around your face. The custom designed cushion on your mask is manufactured in house from high quality hypoallergenic medical grade silicone.

All facemasks are strictly produced in a professional environment and utilize the best quality materials to give the durability required by a healthcare provider.

While we are always happy to do an in person 3D scan of your face for your custom facemask, after multiple tests we have verified a simple alternative for 3D scanning from your home or workplace. Instructions for how to 3D scan yourself are located under the "3D Scan Myself" tab.

Please note: we are greatly honored and appreciative of the healthcare community who put themselves at risk every day in the face of this pandemic. We will do everything in our power to provide the fastest possible turnaround time.